Virtual Phone System     

Listing Tool

Attract more buyers and sellers by providing 24/7, free, recorded information! Your call capture system comes with 100 AdTracker Extensions that can be loaded with your listing presentations and mirrored to track your advertising. There is no limit on how long each recording can be. Each extension will give your caller 3 ways to take action:

  1. Get a fax
    You can easily attach a fax to each recording, including floor plans, maps, flyers, testimonials, or any other idea you may think of!
  2. Speak to you live
    Your caller can simply dial 7 to speak with a live representative at any time during your presentation. At this point, your caller will be put on hold, while listening to relaxing hold music; we will attempt to locate you on the numbers of your choice!
  3. Leave a message
    Your caller can choose to remain on the line, and leave a message after the tone. All of your messages will be conveniently left in one mailbox. You will have 24/7 access to these messages by logging into your account online, calling into your voicemail system, or you can choose to have all your messages sent directly to your e-mail address!


Give buyers the ability to call your toll free number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get information about your listings. This makes it convenient for your prospect to get the information they need on their own time. Most buyers are workers with full time jobs, so it's important to provide the information they need after normal working hours.


Demonstrate the power of your technology right in front of their eyes. Before going to your listing presentation, record the information about their home in one of your 100 AdTracker Extensions. When meeting with the sellers, have them call your toll free number and listen to the information about their home. They will be pleasantly surprised when your cell phone instantly goes off notifying you with the information of the person calling on their listing! The information you will receive can even include the persons name, telephone number, and address! This will give your sellers the confidence that each and every prospect will be contacted and no prospect will be left untouched!

Allow them to hear all the great selling points you have made about their house, and also to request the fax back document you have loaded of the homes spacious floor plan. This is sure to impress them!


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