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Real Estate Lead Generation

You can succeed in real estate...IF...and it's a big IF... IF you know how to attract a steady stream of new prospects who need (or will need) what you have to offer...IF you have an innovative sales presentation and a system in place to convert those people into customers...and IF you know how to program those people to continue to send you referrals so you can have passive income. I work with real estate agents and businesses all over the United States and Canada and have come to understand this simple fact...Most people have no clear plan of action for their business, and worst of all, they try to do EVERYTHING themselves, without any help. Why do some agents have astounding success while others wallow in mediocrity or even fail miserably? Is it because of sales skills, people skills or the market in general? NO!! In fact, most of the agents that I work with have excellent people skills and most are good salespeople. They easily build rapport with customers and people generally like them.

Then why is it that 2 agents working in the exact same market, heck the exact same office, can have such different levels of success?

The answer is pretty simple:

One has 35-175 customers overflowing his or her database just begging to do business and the second has NO clue where their next sale is going to come from!!

These 35-175 prospects are ready to do business right NOW! These prospects are NOT referrals, friends or family. They are actual buyers and sellers who have identified themselves as needing to buy or sell real estate within the next 0-6 months!

Now, I only know of two ways to get to the point that you actually have people waiting in line to do business with you.

  1. You are the only real estate agent in your entire market which is doubtful.
  2. You are using technology to "leverage" your time and do all of your prospecting.

In order to build a strong practice that ALWAYS has 35-175 buyers and sellers ready to do business NOW, you will need to invest in technology or people that will help you "leverage" your efforts so you can spend 80% of your time working with buyers and sellers. If you're like most real estate agents, then you probably can't afford:

  • A team of telemarketers to find prospects ready to buy or sell NOW
  • A sales assistant to qualify prospects and educate them before you meet with them so you're only talking to quality, qualified prospects
  • A full time assistant to answer all of your calls
  • A full time assistant to follow up on each showing of your listings
  • And on and on- I think you get my point!

It's just not practical to go out and invest the thousands of dollars a month that it would take to have all of these things and people.

You can put all of these things and more to work in your real estate practice right NOW, and you'll get them all inexpensively by using technology to replace time, money, and staff.

Let us put your business on auto pilot right now!

Sign Riders

Advertise FREE, 24/7, Recorded information about your different listings on your sign riders. Now, prospects driving around on 2nd or 3rd shift have access to information about the different homes you have on the market. As your prospects call in for this information, you've captured their phone number (even if it's a blocked number) and name & address (if available). At anytime, you can go online and view all your leads in real time!

You have 100 extensions that you can load different informational recordings into. You even have the ability to load a unique fax back document into each extension, perhaps a floor plan or a FREE report!

Business Cards

Before your Call Capture Hotline

After your Call Capture Hotline

Put the number on your business card to work for you! Finally, you can have a clean business card with only ONE number on it. Often times agents will put 3, 4, even 5 different contact numbers on their business cards, so that they are sure to never miss a call.

The problem is this is often confusing to customers. Which number are they supposed to call? Maybe they will call you on the first number, but if you're not there, they move on to the next agent.

With Call Capture Hotline anytime anyone calls your number, we have the ability to forward them to you on any numbers you choose with find-me follow-me call forwarding.

Your toll free number is even your fax number! Why pay for another fax service when it's already included in your Call Capture Hotline? If someone sends a fax to your toll free number, we recognize the fax tone, and we will then deliver that fax directly to your e-mail or your online control panel!

Information Provider

Position yourself as an information provider by distributing information your prospects want. For example, place an ad in your local paper advertising, "Call 800-888-8888 ext. 100 for FREE, 24/7, Recorded Information on '10 Things You Must Know Before Selling.'" Once your prospect calls into your system, you have captured their contact information - phone number (even if the number is blocked) and name & address (if available).

Web Advertising

Why post a regular number on your website, when you can post your toll free call capture number that will ensure each time someone calls you, you've captured their phone number (even if the number is blocked) and name & address (if available). At anytime, you can go online and view all your leads in real time!

Direct Mail, Postcards, Fliers, Faxes

Use your 800 call capture number in all of your advertising! By using this number in your advertising you will never miss a lead again! This will ensure each time someone calls you, you've captured their phone number (even if the number is blocked) and name & address (if available). At anytime, you can go online and view all your leads in real time!

Not only will we capture your leads for you, we will also track all your advertising, so you know which advertising mediums are and aren't working for you. Click here for more detail.


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