Virtual Phone System     

AdTracker Extensions

Stop guessing which advertising method is working best for you. With AdTracker extensions you can use the first digit of the extension dialed to determine what advertising medium your caller is calling from!

Our Call Capture Hotline system comes with 100 unique AdTracker extensions. You make your unique recordings in extensions 100-199, and they will be mirrored across the board to extensions 200-599 for a total of 500 extensions! Whatever recording is in 100 is also in 200, 300, 400, and 500.

Each AdTracker extension gives your caller 3 ways to take action:

  1. Receive a fax
    You can easily attach a fax to each listing extension highlighting the floor plan, photos, selling points, your contact information and anything else you can think of.

  2. Speak to you
    Your caller can simply dial 7 from any extension to be forwarded directly to you.

  3. Leave a message
    Callers can choose to leave a message. All of your messages will be conveniently left in one mailbox. You can access your messages anytime by phone, online through WebLINK, or by having messages sent directly to your email address.

* Give your system 1,000 unique extensions for only $15/mo more.


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