Virtual Phone System     

Call Capture Rates and Included Minutes

All call capture systems include free minutes. Our toll-free rates with six second billing are some of the lowest rates for toll free call capture usage available today!

Call Capture Hotline (Single-User) Accounts

Plan Free Minutes Additional Minutes Order
Call Capture Starter $19.95/mo 100 5.9¢
Call Capture Agent $39.95/mo 1,000 4.9¢
Call Capture Pro $79.95/mo 2,000 3.9¢

Did you know?
You can change your plan every month.

Plan: Get more free minutes and a lower additional minute rate as you select a better plan.

Free Minutes: This many minutes are included at no additional charge in your monthly plan rental.

Additional Minutes: Each minute over the free minutes included in your plan is charged at this rate. All prices posted are per minute but are billed in 6 second increments to help minimize your charges.


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