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TalkText Message Transcription

Now you can get your messages in voice and text format with our TalkText message transcription! Once your caller leaves a message our automated system will transcribe the message and deliver it right to your inbox in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of TalkText include:

  • Check your voicemail messages discretely no matter if you are in a meeting, on a conference call or attending another function where calling into your voicemail would be frowned upon. With the message transcribed and sent as text to your mobile device (cell phone, laptop, PDA) you can view it quickly and take action if necessary without appearing unprofessional.
  • Scan a transcribed message in your email much more quickly and easily than having to listen to an entire voicemail before finding out the gist of the message.
  • Get away from costly cell phone minute charges incurred when having to listen to your voicemail messages.

Notes: TalkText can be added to any plan for $10/mo and $0.25 for every 30 seconds of audio.


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