Virtual Phone System     

Message Delivery

Always know when you have a new message with one of our advanced message notification options. All systems include numerous ways to be notified of messages including:

Email Notification
Have message notifications sent to one or more email addresses. You even have the option to include the actual message as a wav or mp3 file.

Text Message Notification
This works just like Email Notification except your notifications will be sent to your text enabled cell phone. Please note that with this option you cannot get the message included as a wav or mp3 file.

Call Back Notification
Use "call back notification" to have the system call you at periodic intervals until you acknowledge the message.

TalkText Transcribed Messaging
With our TalkText option, you can have the contents of a voicemail transcribed and sent to you via email. With an email enabled cell phone you can see what your caller has to say without ever leaving the conference room table!


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