Virtual Phone System     

ANI Call Capture (Caller ID)

Phone Number, Name, & Address

Capture the telephone number of every call into your system - even if the number is blocked! We use ANI (Automatic Number Identification), a call capture feature that is similar to caller ID but cannot be blocked to capture the callers number on every call you receive. When you receive a call you will be notified of the callers number by e-mail, text message, pager, or call back.

For an additional 10 cents per successful lookup, you can also view the caller's full name and address!

  • Be able to reach your prospects - a captured number is usually where your caller can be found
  • Capture and call your nervous prospects that have hung up without leaving you a message
  • Manage your calls with ease using WebLINK

Every caller is a potential qualified prospect. Don't let any opportunities get away!

Note: Caller ID phone number capture is standard on all systems at no additional charge.


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