Virtual Phone System     

Call Record

Now you can record calls with any system. Just turn call record on for any mailbox and you will have access to all calls to and from that mailbox for monitoring and training purposes. Great for customer service and sales training!

If you are an existing client, please contact client services to add this feature. If you are a new client, please indicate that you would like to add Call Record in the comments section of the order form (This will be a selectable option in the near future).

The Call Record feature is $69.95/mo and includes the 1st 2 GB of disk space (over 30 hours). Additional 2 GB blocks of storage will be charged a rate of $9.95/mo. In addition, you have the option of which mailboxes you want to record calls for.

Add PodFone in addition to Call Record to easily take your recordings on the road.


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